Lydney Golf Club

Lydney Golf Club moved to it's new course in Naas Lane in 2011, the newly built 9 hole course constructed to USGA standard with a fully automated sprinkler system and over 3,500 trees planted is fast becoming one of the premier courses in the area.

Hole 1 & 10
Hole 1 is an intriguing opening 280 yard par 4 hole requiring accuracy from the tee. Out of bounds on the left, water hazard halfway either side of the fairway, makes this an interesting starting hole. You will need an accurate and long drive or an iron layup leaving maybe 100yds to the green.

Hole 10 is very similar teeing off from the right hand side and 10 yards further back.

Hole 2 & 11
A long 350 yard par 4 requires a decision on the tee whether to play safe down the middle of the dog leg right or take on the hedge and potential water hazard to the right if looking to get close to the green for a birdie on this par 4. Whichever decision is taken, the second shot is very tricky because of the sloping nature of the green.

Hole 3 & 12
Hole 3 is a 380 yard par 4 requiring a strong tee shot to position you for the challenge of the second shot. A blind tee shot with the terrain sloping from right to left requires an accurate drive giving the opportunity to take on the ditch across the fairway 100 yards short of the green. Another sloping green makes putting difficult.

Hole 12 is a 480 yard par 5 requiring a long tee shot if you wish to take on the ditch with your second, laying up short of the ditch offers a good chance to hit the green with your third.

Hole 4 & 13
Hole 4 is a 155 yards par 3 from an elevated tee, the shot has to carry the valley nearly all the way to a narrow green. The tee shot needs to be long enough to get to the green but not too long to run through into the hedge beyond.

Hole 13 is also 155 yards to the same green but from a lower tee and is uphill all the way to the green.

Hole 5 & 14
Hole 5 is a 289 yard sharp dog left par 4 with a course boundary out of bounds to the left. The choice of safely playing down the middle or taking on the corner with a longer club leaves you with an approach to the green which is protected by the course boundary to the left and a water hazard immediately beyond the green.

Hole 14 is a 187 yard long par 3, again requiring a good strike to the green protected by the course boundary and water hazard.

Hole 6 & 15
Hole 6 is a 454 yard challenging par 5 where length is premium. With water to the right and a ditch to carry at approximately 170 yards, once in position in the fairway the hole is protected by a wooded area to the left of the green and the green itself is very sloping providing a significant challenge for chipping and putting.

Hole 15 is a 421 yard very challenging par 4, again length is premium, a long tee shot could leave you a short iron into this sloping green.

Hole 7 & 16
A straightforward 330 yard par 4 with a ditch at approximately 150 yards from the tee.

Holes 8 & 17
Hole 8 is 388 yard par 4 providing the player with the opportunity to drive over the ditches to attack the green. The hole is still a good challenge as a par 4 with a hedge all the way down the left and trees all the way down the right and water behind the green.

Hole 17 is a 472 yard tricky par 5 where the player is required to plot their way over the 2 ditches with the island fairway in-between. A hedgerow to the left obscuring the second shot is another obstacle to be considered, which continues down the left of the hole to the green. The green itself has a water hazard behind.

Holes 9 & 18
A fine finishing hole which requires precision from the tee and with the second shot. Positioning the tee shot some 160 yards from the green leaves a deceptive second shot with water left and long right of the green.

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